Rachel’s Turn

Step aside, Momma Rose! Though Gypsy Rose Lee’s pushy mother did not blog about her child, I am quite sure that had the story been written in about a stagey mother and daughter in more recent years there would undoubtably be a website full of her daughters’ headshots; blog posts detailing their latest dance competition success; and a failed attempt on a reality TV show.

Gypsy references aside, (I’m sure you’ve realised already what kind of blog this is going to be!) I thought it was about time I set up my own wee blog before I head off on my first short national tour, to keep a diary of my ups/downs/discoveries/warnings/general crazy goings on! This may be tediously boring for some people to read, and I am not promising titilating 90210-style storylines (Yes, it’s on the brain. I watch too much Netflix) but it also may be fun and hopefully interesting or helpful to other actors or would-be’s or theatre lovers. I mean, I’m really not being exclusive here. I hope anyone and everyone enjoys it and please do leave comments and feedback and start discussions and tweet me and all that jazz. Yes, a stagey reference again – I wasn’t lying, it really is going to be that kind of blog!

I will be talking about my work plans for the rest of the year very soon and sharing the process of this young Scottish lass traveling and singing all around England and speaking in an RP accent. God help you all.

Flynn x


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