Hold It, Flash, Bang, Whallop!

What a picture! What a photograph!

On Monday I had a ‘shoot day’ for The Silver Sword. This involves getting some of the main characters together to take some representative photos to use for promotional campaigns for the show. For me this meant travelling to Coventry to meet the lovely Belgrade Theatre marketing team, meeting a few of my fellow cast mates for the first time and dressing up in 1940’s-esque attire and running about town. Needless to say we got a fair few weird looks whilst wandering around Coventry in clothes suitable for Polish WW2 orphans. Except for the fact I was wearing high heels. Though if you can run away from dinosaurs in stilettos (thanks Bryce Dallas Howard), I’m sure Ruth could manage walking a few hundred miles in heeled brogues. And they were super pretty.

It was really nice to meet Catryn who will be one of the wee girls playing Ruth’s little sister Bronia. She is very sweet, a bundle of energy and we already get on like a house on fire.
 Aww, sisterly love!

I was also lucky enough to meet Oliver (Playing Ruth’s broker Edek), Tom (Playing mischievous Jan) and Julian (Playing daddy Josef). They are all wonderful and we had such a laugh.

We utilised the Belgrade theatre’s car park which doubled surprisingly authentically for a ruined but homely shelter. We took the majority of our family unit shots there. We also visited the Museum of Transport in Coventry – where I had a delicious forest fruit cheesecake (didn’t want to leave out the important stuff*)- where we took some scared photos in the special Blitz section. There was even air raid sirens and strobe lighting! In true troublemaker form, we played ‘statues’ scaring children by pretending to be one of the wax work models. Though I decided to stop when a little girl started crying. Whoops! We then made our way to the old Coventry Cathedral for some final group shots. It was really very beautiful there and I look forward to devoting a few hours of exploring (will take some pictures) when I return in a few weeks.

All in all it was a lovely day and I’m really looking forward to seeing the shots. I will of course post them when I get them! However, I did learn my first touring lesson which I will share with you now!

Touring Tip #1:

  • Always Read The Small Print

I got a bit of a shock on Sunday night when I arrived at my Premier Inn around midnight, absolutely shattered from a 5 hour train journey. When the receptionist asked me to cough up for the room I had booked for the night, I was quite surprised. Whenever I have done a job away from home, hotels have always been provided for you and from what I had been made aware of, this wasn’t to be any different. So there I was, rapidly flicking through my emails to find the confirmation I had been sent earlier that week and just as I showed it to the receptionist, it dawned on me that the confirmation was for a booked room and not a fully paid one. In the small print of the confirmation it did say that full payment would have to be made on arrival. Perhaps if I had thoroughly red the information I would have been prepared and been able to sort it out earlier, instead of breaking down in exhausted tears at the reception of a Premier Inn.

Although the issue is now being fixed by the wonderful team at the Belgrade Theatre (still being very kind even after receiving a fairly tangry email at midnight), it has taught me to be more thorough in reading any information I receive in the future.

  • Ready Your Discount Cards

Also, always double check you have your rail card before you travel. I had another emotional outburst (unfortunately not really that uncommon for me) on the train from Coventry to London as I threw wads of receipts out of my purse trying to look for my railcard. Luckily, the train conductor was very understanding and let me sort the issue out in London instead of paying the excess, but I have a feeling that others may have not been so kind.

  • Pack Your Pumps

Finally, when in tight fitting heels, always take flat shoes with you. Especially when walking through Coventry City centre! Like Edinburgh, it has ALL the cobbles. I am currently paying for my naivety with a charming collection of blisters on my right foot. Ladies, don’t limp through the high street pretending they don’t hurt – just take a pair of emergency flatties in your bag.

So, my general advice here?

To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail.

Wiser words rarely spoken!

Flynn x

**that snappy type of angry you get when you’re really tired


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